School of Seven Bells |  Windsor, Melbourne

School of Seven Bells | Windsor, Melbourne

         School of Seven Bells | Windsor, Melbourne
We met with Drew, the manager of Schools of Seven Bells and got an insight into the philosophy and people behind one of the local’s favourite cafes. Located at the Windsor end of Chapel street, the café provides a perfect location for  a catchup, meeting or just me time with their delicious coffee.

What’s in the name ?

 The name was inspired from the name of a mythical Colombian school which taught kids how to pickpocket. Stealing seven bells from a suit without them ringing was the ultimate passing test!. The name resonated with the quirky underground aspect of the café, and we definitely do not encourage any pickpocketing :D

Tell us a little bit about bit School of Seven Bells

The Café has been around since the last ten years. Started by a local, for the locals and 

working with other locals. We roast our blends at our roastery The Artful Dodger and you can also pick our beans from the café. We source our produce locally from Pete and Rosie’s Deli  and Pino’ fine produce. We are all about community and love being the common connection between people living in the same area, visiting the same places and connecting over shared passions whether for coffee or anything else.

What brings a smile to your face during a work day?

Connecting with our customers and knowing that we are a part of their journey, day to day or otherwise. From watching their families grow, knowing their pets, to making it to their holiday gift list…….  It is wonderful to be a part of the community and see it grow. 

How would you like people to remember about your products or service?

We would love to be remembered and talk about our coffee. We take pride in our house blends and hope people love them too. Definitely want to be remembered as a community glue that connects, supports and  brings people together and continue to do so.


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