• Paw Po collaboration with The Arthly Box

    Paw Po | Nhill, Victoria

    Meet the lovely and talented team of Paw Po, a non-profit social enterprise training & supporting migrant refugee women. An initiative of the Nhill Learning Centre, the Karen women who now call Nhill home, have come together to make and sell their beautiful handcrafted pieces in a retail and craft space. As a community enterprise, all proceeds from the sale of the products are poured back into supporting the community as well as being paid directly to the women making the products.

    Paw Po Products offer a unique blend of contemporary design with traditional hand-loomed Karen fabrics. The name Paw Po means ‘little flower’ and was chosen by the Karen women as the name for their enterprise. The women, who are refugees from Burma, had been stay-at-home women since arriving in Nhill in 2009 were trained, upskilled and now enjoy designing, weaving, and selling their unique products through Paw Po.

  • ShortHive | Victoria

    Meet ShortHive, a family business located in South West Victoria. A father, a mother, a daughter, a son and a daughter-in-law working together to produce, infuse, bottle, label, market and sell infused honey of the highest quality. Flavours include Salted, Espresso and Cacao Honey and more. You can get inspiration on how to use these delicious infused honey in various recipes on their website. We are lucky to collaborate with ShortHive for our gift boxes.

  • Stacey | HomeAccessories AU| Brisbane, Queensland

    Meet Stacey, the creator behind gorgeous eco-friendly earrings made from recycled and repurposed materials. We are proud to work with HomeAccessories sharing the same values. Let's hear about it from Stacey in her own words:

    “Home is owned by me, Stacey. I'm passionate about doing what I can to protect our 'home' - our earth. My eco-friendly earrings are made from recycled and repurposed materials, including industrial discards and preloved mobile phone cases, kids' toys, bags, shoes, belts and clothing, all sourced from Brisbane op shops and tip shops.”

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with ReWrapIt AU, Coffs Harbour in NSW. Handmade cards made from repurposed fabric, perfect and unique for gifting.

    Re-wrap-it AU| Dionne Court| Coffs Harbour, NSW

    Meet Dionne, the owner of Re-Wrap-It AU, based in the scenic Coffs Harbour, NSW. Dionne follows the reuse, recycle and repurpose principle and it reflects in all her products. Dionne is making some of our gift range products just for you in our first box.  Learn more about her and her business in her own words:

    Re-Wrap-It AU started out when my family thought I was a bit eccentric by keeping wrapping paper and gift bags to reuse again. Since starting out, I’ve also ventured into a small range of other products, including cards from scrap fabric for you to include as part of your gifts for people. I hope you enjoy these products as much as I have enjoyed making them.

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with ETC Body, Brisbane Queensland. Handmade natural bath & body products for you and for gifting. No nasties.

    ETC Body| Eric | Brisbane, Queensland

    Meet the very creative Eric, the owner and maker of ETC Body. ETC Body has just one purpose: to make sustainable, affordable, natural, and waste-reducing body products that everyone can access.

    We are delighted to work with Eric for our first box which will showcase ETC Body’s high quality bath & body creations, for you!!

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Tiny Blue, Melbourne, Australia. Handmade natural bath & body products for you and for gifting. Solid conditioner bars, natural lip balms, solid shave bars and more.

    Tiny Blue| Victoria | Melbourne, Victoria

    Tiny Blue creates nourishing skincare, toiletries and products that were both kind to our bodies and the planet, carefully packaged in 100% compostable packaging including repurposed boxes. The lovely Victoria, the face behind Tiny Blue, is making some of her gorgeous and earth friendly products just for you in our first box!

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Little Bruns, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia. Hand made artistic pottery pieces for your home and for gifting.

    Little Bruns | Bien Selvano | Melbourne, Victoria

    Meet the very talented and versatile Bien, co-creator of Little Bruns.Little Bruns is not a ceramic brand but a dining experience, with a story to tell. Based in the Victorian suburb Brunswick, the potter makes functional pieces using earth, water, air, fire, and soul. He and his fiancé created Little Bruns to bring back the good old days of dining experience. They envisage a table where people, from all walks of life, see food as an art and art as a food for the soul.
    Bien is creating exceptionally gorgeous and functional pieces in our first box for you!

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Wattle Threads,  Ballarat in Victoria. Handmade natural wellbeing products for your wellbeing and for gifting. Natural ingredients, heat packs for your wellbeing.

    Wattle Threads |Sophie Gibscus| Ballarat, Victoria

    Meet Sophie from Wattle Threads. She is creating one of her high quality organic wellness products for you in our first box. Know more about her and Wattle Threads in her own words.

    Hello! I’m Sophie, a visual arts teacher, graphic designer, mum and sewing enthusiast who lives in Ballarat, Victoria. For the most part of 2021, I was on leave from my teaching job to welcome my beautiful son into the world. During this time, Wattle Threads (my other baby) came to life! Wattle Threads mission is to design and create a quality range of products that will keep you warm, ease pains and create a sense of relaxation.

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Monika with a K Ceramics Mornington Peninsula Victoria Australia. Handmade ceramics, pinch bowls for your kitchen or for gifting.

    Monika With a K Ceramics | Monika Colic | Mornington Peninsula, VIC

    Meet the enchanting Monika, the owner of Monika With a K Ceramics. Monika is creating some of her handmade, reusable and beautifully glazed items for you in our first box. Learn more about her talents in her own words.

    I'm Monika and I stand behind "Monika With a K Ceramics". I've been hand building for more than 10 years and enjoy creating functional and decorative pottery.  My work is inspired by the forms and colors found in nature, especially around the beach. In the last two years I've been creating Tiffany style mixed media pieces made of recycled broken pottery I made and frosted glass found at the beach.
    Being sustainable is my motto. I make reusable items that can be cherished for a long time, and also use packaging made of recycled materials that can further be recycled or composted. I hope you enjoy these little pieces made completely by hand, without any molds, so each. I usually sell on Etsy, Instagram, local Mornington Peninsula markets, and participate in Art Shows.

  • Wendy | Papercutz | Queensland

    Meet Wendy, the innovative mind behind Papercutz, a Queensland based small business of handmade range of practical and eco-friendly products made of washable paper. We are stoked to collaborate with Wendy and her gorgeous business. Hear more about it from Wendy.
    I've always been interested in crafting and over the years have tried my hand at many of the trends. I love the idea of creating and producing something useful, unique, especially when its for the enjoyment of others. When in Berlin in 2017, where my daughter was living at the time, I stumbled across this unique alternative fabric called Washable Paper, at some local markets we were browsing. After asking the staller holder many of the same questions I get asked today I decided Australia should also experience its many eco qualities. I spent many months searching for a distributor and today I import the fabric and Papercutz was born in 2018. My products are all handmade by myself in Brisbane on my well-loved 35 year old Janome sewing machine.
    It's a labour of love creating my range from home but very satisfying. Although the creating process isn't glamorous the results speak for themselves: stylish, practical and long lasting, eco-friendly products.

  • Little'Bee Better collab with Arthly Box

    Liz Harper | Lit’Bit Better | Victoria

    Meet the lovely Liz,  the founder of Lit’ Bit Better, a Victorian based eco-business. Liz is passionate about everything earth-conscious, just the way we like it. We are very excited to collaborate with them and bring their eco-conscious Bee Bombs to you. Hear about Lit’Bit Better from Liz in her own words: 

    8 years ago, my husband and I decided to try our hand at beekeeping and started our first hives at our weekender down on Phillip Island, here in Victoria. We fell head over heels with these incredible little creatures and quickly learnt just how much impact they have on our food chain and ecosystem. 

    This led to a much deeper understanding of the ecosystem, ecology and our effect on it; it was time to take some personal responsibility and make some big changes.At the same time as getting our bees I was finding work challenging. Almost 20 years in sales and marketing I decided to do something I loved. I quit my job and with my very supportive husband started thinking about what I should do.

    I’ve always dabbled in making my own lotions, potions, cleaning products and herbal remedies, I even have my Certification in Western Herbalism and thought, why not put my powers to good use while helping the environment!

    Boom! Lil’Bit was born.

    At Lit’Bit Better, you’ll find a range of small batch, Australian Made organic home & cleaning products using the best Australian Certified Organic, natural ingredients. Lil'Bit is a team of me, myself and I and all products are made by my own hands, from raw ingredients, and packaged in the best sustainable, biodegradable and compostable packaging available in Australia. Cruelty Free Accredited, Palm oil free and supporting local communities we aim to be the best and most natural and pure cleaning and home products out there . But Lil’Bit is so much more than this.

    Through social media and our own actions, we want to do our little bit to make this world a better place by spreading kindness, educating, exposing ever increasing greenwashing strategies and shattering myths about what it is to be truly eco-friendly. ”

  • The Arthly Box is collaborating with Jonique Co, Melbourne, Victoria.  Sustainable organic linen kitchen towels in beautiful colors for your home or for gifting. Eco-friendly sustainable gifts in Home & Living.

    Jonique Co | Joanne Chew | Melbourne, Victoria

    Hi, my name is Joanne, owner of Jonique Co. I produce colorful linen products. When I was organizing my wedding, I had difficulties finding reusable table napkins that suited my wedding theme color. We ended up using white color napkin provided by the venue. That’s when I realized there’s a gap to fill. Linen is reusable, durable, and long lasting. If looked after carefully, they can last a lifetime.

    Jonique Co uses OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified linen that is naturally grown and dyed without harmful chemicals. I hope to continue producing beautiful and long-lasting linen products that will beautifully grace your home for years to come.

    We are showcasing one of Joanne’s gorgeous linen products in our first box, just for you :)

  • Claire Goldsmith | BM Creations| Queensland

    Say hello to Claire, the creator of BM Creations, a Queensland based small business creating unique bags consciously and with minimal carbon footprint. Read about her journey in her own words:

    I am an artisan of fabric. Specifically remnant and vintage fabric that would otherwise end up in landfill. My craft is to repurpose fabric  into a useful fashion accessory while keeping within the remit of sustainability, and minimum wastage. We all love handbags and we all love the idea of sustainable fashion. From handy zipper pouches through to one of a kind handbags, you can be sure no one else will have a copy of your unique B M Creations bag.

    B M Creations started during the 2020 Covid pandemic. It is short for Bally Mountain Conservations country which is the view from my workshop window and is the end of the valley where I live with my family. It is a dedicated place of conservation for flora and fauna indigenous to the area here in South-east Queensland. A lot of the fabric I salvage will give a nod to our natural and endangered habitat and wildlife. Self-taught along the way I now develop patterns based on the material at hand. You can find more of my product in my Etsy store BallyMCreations

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Blue & Sunny, Victoria, Australia.  Handmade and natural ingredient bath and body products for you and for gifting. Shower steamers for some pampering.

    Blue & Sunny| Melanie & Drew| Gippsland, Victoria

    Meet the lovely Melanie & Drew, the owners of Blue & Sunny. They are passionate about making and sharing awareness about  the use of natural alternatives in day to day life. Learn more about Blue & Sunny in their own words:

    We are a small family business in regional Victoria. We create beautiful products to encourage self-care. We have a range of products that are eco friendly, natural and economical.

    Blue & Sunny is making some gorgeous essential oil based bath products just for you in our first box.

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Briar Blooms Victoria Australia. Handmade natural products for your wellbeing and home and for gifting. Drawer inserts, heat packs by 100% Aboriginal owned business.

    Briar Blooms| Domica Hill| Bass Coast Region, VIC

    Meet Domica from Briar Blooms. Domica is a proud Aboriginal Australian (Palawa woman) who believes it is very important to support Australian-made products and to support our country and culture in as many ways as we can. She is making organic and eco-friendly products for your wellbeing and home in our first box. Read about Domica’s journey in her own words.

    Briar Blooms is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated small business located in the Bass Coast region of Victoria. We started our little business venture as a way to keep the memory of our little daughter Briar alive who was born sleeping.We received so many bunches of flowers in support from our family and friends at this challenging time, however, as you know they don't last very long. Having wanted to start my own creative business for a while it hit me that now was the perfect time. I could create arrangements, gifts and artworks that would be everlasting as well as supply cute self-care items, décor and homewares for people to purchase. 

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Coffee Towels, Sydney NSW. Hand painted sustainable kitchen towels in eco-friendly inks for your home and for gifting.

    Coffee Towels| Jenny Vodicka| Sydney, NSW

    Meet Jenny, the owner of Coffee Towels, a Sydney based small business making hand-painted tea towels. Jenny is creating some of her gorgeous towels just for you in our first box! Learn a bit more about her in her own words:

    To receive a unique item which you know is the only one of its kind, is something special. After rekindling my desire to paint and becoming hooked on designing fabrics with my little cushion business, I started Coffee Towels. It was nothing like my work in the pharmaceutical industry following my degree in pharmacology(except maybe some fun with inks in chemistry), or the tennis coaching I did while my 4 kids were young, but it is where I feel my most creative and it is very satisfying to be able to make a product which brings joy to others - even something as simple as a tea towel!

    I love painting home décor items which immediately refresh a room. After a period of sourcing fabrics and testing inks, I now have a product which is good quality and can be machine washed with the colours remaining vibrant. All the painting is done on each towel one by one, by hand in my Sydney home studio with Australian made eco-friendly water based textile inks.

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Zephyr and Salt, New South Wales. Beautiful wellness products for you and for gifting. Essential oil rollers.

    Zephyr & Salt | Hannah Blanch| Port Macquarie, NSW

    Meet Hannah Blanch, the owner of Zephyr & Salt. Hannah is creating some of her fabulous wellness products just for you in our first box! Hear from Hannah in her own words.
    My name is Hannah, I'm a 29 year old mum of 3, living on the beautiful Mid north coast of NSW. My business Zephyr and Salt is a holistic business focusing on wellness and self love. I create products that are low tox and organic using organic herbs in my teas and beautiful essential oils. I create a variety of balms, teas, bath soaks and essential oil roller blends, I hope that my customers enjoy my products just as much as I enjoy making them. I create a variety of balms, teas, bath soaks and essential oil roller blends, I hope that my customers enjoy my products just as much as I enjoy making them.

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Three Wandering Oaks, Melbourne, Victoria , Australia. Handmade dried flower pressed soy based home & living products.  Fresheners for your wardrobe and drawers or as a perfect gift

    Three Wandering Oaks| Jessica Burke | Melbourne, Victoria

    Meet Jessica, owner of Three Wandering Oaks which specialises in botanical products, gifts and keepsakes made from real, naturally dried flowers. Jessica is making some of the beautiful pressed floral products in the first box for you!

    Jessica, who previously worked as a primary school teacher and then a student wellbeing coordinator for 10 years, has always loved the outdoors, gardening and had an awareness to use nature for keepsake creations as a form of mindfulness. She has created unique pieces with florals from important life events and has kept these sentimental pieces in her home as reminders of special occasions. The life event that created Three Wandering Oaks was the birth of her first born, where a wreath was made from grasses in the local area when walking often as a new mother. Three Wandering Oaks then commenced organically and in a natural way from wandering the outdoors foraging pampas, grasses and wildflowers to naturally dry for more wreaths and new arrangements. Three Wandering Oaks now specialise in all real, naturally dried floral & foliage pieces,  wall-art with clay and pressed wildflowers, botanical body and foot soaks, botanical wax melts, scented bars and pressed floral hanging scents. They strive for all products to be unique, as eco-friendly as possible and to incorporate real nature into beautiful keepsakes and gifts.

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Polly's Far to being extra virgin olive oil soaps to you. Located in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. No preservatives, natural bath and body products.

    Polly’s Farm | Kimberley Kidger | Mornington Peninsula, VIC

    Meet Kimberley, the founder of Polly’s Farm. We are bringing to you natural, gorgeous bath products made with the purest of ingredients, from her collection in our first box :)

    Polly’s Farm was born of a passion for the healing, nourishing powers of nature and a focus on sustainable living, starting with what we put on our skin. Seeded by founder Kimberley Kidger whilst studying Herbalism throughout the infamous COVID impacted 2020, Polly’s Farm pays homage to a childhood nickname for her unshakeable belief in silver linings (so named after the movie classic Pollyanna). If ever there was a year to focus on such things, 2020 was it! 
    The Polly’s Farm range includes premium bar soaps hand crafted using traditional methods with Mornington Peninsula extra virgin olive oil, sugar and salt hand scrubs, organic skin salves and botanical bath soaks produced with organic and wildcrafted botanicals.

  • LoveIndiLou| Sally Horbury| Melbourne , Victoria

    Say hello to the very talented Sally, the owner of LoveIndiLou. Sally is making one of her gorgeous basket styles just for you in our first box! Learn more in her own words.

    My name is Sally, I am a mum of 3 and a very passionate crocheter :)
    Love Indi Lou began while I was pregnant with my third and last baby, I couldn't find specific baskets or rugs (that are easy to watch) to match into the colour scheme of our nursery. So, my only solution was to make and create them myself! What started as a hobby soon grew into a wonderful business where I can create and help customers solve their problems with creating custom made pieces for their own nursery/bedrooms. Love Indi Lou provides a range of products ranging from handmade custom baskets using recycled cotton Tshirt Yarn, 100% cotton wool rugs that are MACHINE WASHABLE and customisable, and colourful décor Rainbow cotton rope baskets and rainbow shaped pillows !

  • Dearest Lips collab with The Arthly Box

    Glaiza | Dearest Lips | Sydney, NSW

    Hello! I’m Glaiza, the founder and maker behind Dearest Lips. I began running Dearest Lips in 2018 to share my love of lip balms and desire for a sustainable future with others. My core focus from day one is to be a plastic-free, zero waste brand. Our goal is to have more and more people switch to using our earth-friendly lip balm, instead of the billions of plastic tubes that end up in landfill or our beautiful oceans each year.

    Natural – We formulate our products using simple ingredients in their natural, unrefined form. They do not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals and are free from artificial preservatives and synthetic fragrances.

    Vegan – We do not use any animal ingredients or by-products. We only test our products on willing family and friends, never on animals.

    Eco-friendly – Our unique cork packaging is 100% home compostable and can be thrown into your compost bin once empty.

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Dream Weaves of Assam, based in Melbourne  Australia.  Hand woven textiles inspired from Assam, India for your home or for a perfect holiday gift

    DreamWeaves of Assam | Jonali Hadique Gogoi | Melbourne, VIC

    Meet the enchanting Jonali, creator of Dream Weaves of Assam , a small business bringing ethical handwoven textiles to your home. Jonali is bringing some of her gorgeous handwoven products for you in our first box! Learn more about DWA in her own words.
    We love our Assamese textiles and are ardent admirers of the weavers of Assam, a north eastern state in India. While modern machines and technology have sealed their place in the present world, we strongly feel some skills are worth preserving, improvising, and keeping alive. Handloom textiles are a big source of livelihood for many weavers in Assam.

    We started DreamWeaves of Assam with the hope that these unique handwoven textiles can remain an essential part of our day-to-day lives and get the world-wide exposure they truly deserve. Our product is inspired by the traditional "Gamusa" of Assam and is a miniature version. The "gamusa" symbolizes the life and culture of Assam, and is an essential member of any Assamese household.

  • The Arthly Box is collaborating with Cassies Candle Co, Gippsland, Victoria. Hand poured environment friendly non-toxic candles with natural fragrance for your home and for your wellbeing. Perfect for gifting in a zero plastic packaging.

    CassieCandlesCo. | Cassie | Gippsland, VIC

    Meet gorgeous Cassie, the owner of Cassies Candle Co, an all natural essential oil and soy wax based candle small business. Cassie is hand pouring some of her signature candles just for you in our first box! Hear from Cassie in her own words.

    Hi, I'm Cassie! Suffering from migraines, I have been sensitive to perfumes and synthetic fragrances for years. Unsatisfied with the lack of natural candle options, I decided to begin researching and experimenting with essential oils + pure soy wax myself. After much careful experimentation and planning, my all-natural candle company was born. It brings me so much satisfaction and joy to be able to bring natural alternatives into the homes of so many others like myself, without compromising on scent throw or fragrance quality!

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with SewAme, Mount Eliza, Victoria Australia. Handmade gifts for your home and kitchen with an Australian aesthetic. Sustainable, reusable and small-batch.

    SewAme| Rebecca Taylor | Mount Eliza, Victoria

    Meet the vivacious Rebecca, owner of SewAme, a small business of handmade home gifts. SewAme specialise in gifts with an Australian Aesthetic for your own home or to gift a special person in your life. Rebecca is making some of her gorgeous products for your home in our first box. Learn  more about SewAme in her own words.

    Located right here on the Mornington Peninsula in Mount Eliza, with products sourced close to home my handmade items make lovely gifts for those close to home and those far away. Perfect to remind expats of home when you send a little piece of Australia to your friends overseas. My items are also perfect for gifting to teachers, Scout leaders, sports coaches or as a special thank you for a neighbor. Even for your annoying sibling who has everything. This year we have launched a new product range of new Health and Beauty Hampers and Christmas-themed cute mini stockings and assortment of linens.

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Luna Soap, Gippsland based. Handmade natural bath & body products to pamper you and to give as a perfect gift. Solid conditioner bars which are natural, eco-friendly and sustainable, zero waste living.

    Luna Soaps | Julia Alford | Tarra Valley, Victoria

    Meet the charming Julia, owner of Luna Soap, a small business of eco-friendly, handcrafted natural products for you and your home. Julia is making one of her fabulous bath & body products for you in our first box! Here about Luna Soap in her own words.

    Luna Soap is a family owned and operated business located in the beautiful Tarra Valley Region of South Gippsland Victoria. With living so close to a National Park we desired to make more natural, healthier lifestyle choices with the way we live, the products we use personally and within the family home, over time we saw the benefits of using natural handmade products that we wanted to start sharing those same benefits with others, so LUNA SOAP was born.

    Our purely natural handcrafted bath n' body care and household cleaning products are just that.....SIMPLY NATURAL  xx

  • The Arthly Box collaboration with Mabel and Tallulah, Melbourne based.  Hand sewn, sustainable, small-batch accessories for you and for gifting.  Reusable sunglasses cover.

    Mabel and Tallulah | Charlotte Wilby | Melbourne, Victoria

    Meet the very talented Charlotte, owner of Mabel and Tallulah, a small business of sew gifts, accessories and homewares. Charlotte is making some exciting and practical accessories just for you in our first box! Learn more in her own words.

     I’m Charlotte, owner of Mabel and Tallulah, my small but growing business where I create and sew gifts, accessories and homewares. My love of sewing started as a child, taught by my wonderful Mum. Whilst it took a bit of a back seat as I brought up my own family, I have recently rediscovered that love of creating and am now lucky enough to be able to share it with others through my handmade items. Working from my home here in Melbourne, I hand pick my fabrics and where possible, try to use up remnants from larger projects to ensure waste is minimal. It also means that most items are only available in small numbers - although most are unique! I would love for you to visit Mabel and Tallulah where I’m regularly adding something new!

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