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Our Story

Arth translates as "meaning, sense, goal, purpose or essence" in Sanskrit language.The Arthly Box represents our vision, our mission and our values.

Hi, I am Shweta. I am passionate about traveling and making new connections wherever I go. Like many of you, I have been continuously learning and practicing sustainable living in every small day-to-day tasks. I love researching and finding unique meaningful gifts for my loved ones to make them feel special and cared for, which I admit, has been harder in current times.In these last few pandemic years, the urge and motivation to support small businesses and communities locally and wider has only grown stronger. The final push to do something in this regard came after weeks of internet research and struggle to curate bespoke practical and eco-friendly items for a care package for my parents overseas. I could find a lot of amazing local products individually but not all at the same place, and buying and curating them made it financially unwise. So here we are :)

The Arthly Box brings the traveler and curator in me together to work towards the causes I believe in. 

We at The Arthly Box  strongly believe in communication and collaboration. As an emerging business, we are doing a soft-launch with a single curation and will be actively looking for your feedback and support to incorporate in our full launch of service and products next year.

Keep smiling :)